Color Blue Activities

I finally decided to teach Leo the colors. And we started with blue today. I wanted to make it interesting and fun. So I needed a hands on activity. I looked in our art materials box for an idea. Then I took out our brand new watercolor palette, cotton balls, a jar, a toy car and some papers. Actually I didn’t exactly know what to do with all those materials, so we just started watercolor painting with color blue.

Then we filled our jar with water and put some blue paint in it. We had blue water in the jar. We said it looked like the sky and dropped the cotton balls into it. And there was our perfect sky with clouds.

Leo was very excited about that. He was jumping and trying to reach the jar immediately and when he did he got some cotton balls out of the jar to examine and squeeze :)

After a lot of squeezing and dumping the cotton balls back into the jar, I saw the toy car that I brought before. So I painted the tires blue and gave it to Leo for driving : ) Give a boy a car, he’ll know what to do: )  The tires made blue lines on the paper and that was fun to watch.

Leo had a lot of fun during all the activities and that meant my ideas worked well. I was a happy mom then : )  

We keep our Sky Jar in the kitchen to look at again tomorrow during our meal times. The key to learning comes from repetition and we’ll keep repeating color blue with our jar and with other creative stuff. Those activities we did today were also good activities of sensory exploration. They were also fine motor skills developers.

We also made yellow and green playdoh today and wrapped them as New Year gifts. I’ll post their pictures soon.


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