Our First Visit to the Children’s Library

I was very excited when I heard that there is a Young Children’s Library in our new town a few months ago. After settling down and putting everything together, it was a good time to visit the library today. It is 6,5 kilometers from our house, takes 8-9 minutes by car. When I was checking the address from their website last night, I saw there was going to  be celebrations today for their anniversary of opening. Hurrayyy!! Lucky us.


After breakfast today, we called our friend to go with us and hit the road together. The place was easy to find. It is a 2 flat building looking like a kindergarten from the outside.

There are great books for Leo’s age and also for older ages. Children can also play with musical instruments, puppets in a puppet corner and legos. Leo loved the place, ran from shelf to shelf and brought me a lot of books.

After an hour of exploring and reading, a group of children came for the celebration activities. They were 1st graders from a near primary school. Leo was very happy to watch and join them : )

The Library has a free(!) membership system and we can borrow three books and return in three weeks. Love it love it love it!!! I was tired of paying a lot of money on expensive toddler’s books and now there I can find many and even better ; bring them home. We took 3 books about a dog and his fascinating life story : ) Can’t wait for next week, we loved everything about our library.


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