Smelling activity and our new friend

We did a fun activity today and enjoyed it a lot. It was smelling activity. It provides a great sensory experience and develops the ability to discriminate scents. I read about this activity on a lot of websites and blogs but it is usually made in scent jars using cotton balls inside. You put some drops of perfume or scent source (like coffee) on the cotton balls and close the lids. And during the activity, child opens the lids one by one, smells and then you label the source’s name together… It seemed too advanced for us. So I came up with smelling the spices from their jars while looking at them. Looking at a cotton ball and smelling an unknown source’s scent is odd I think. Because a child or a person can only label a scent ,if they know what it really is. Anyway.. I opened our spice cupboard and decided on 4 distinctive smells. Coffee, peppermint, cinnamon (sticks) and cumin.

At first, I introduced Leo the scent of cinnamon sticks. He was ok with the scent but was more into touching and licking the sticks : ) I tried to explain the scent as a sweet and a woody smell.

After the cinnamon sticks, we smelled peppermint. Leo loved it. He kept smelling and smiling for a while. I think the smell reminded him of a nice memory of ours. Because I use peppermint very often in the kitchen. So he might be familiar with it. I tried to explain the scent as a fresh smell.

Then we opened the coffee jar. I could see how sharp the smell was from Leo’s reactions. And I explained it as a strong stimulative smell.

Lastly we opened the cummin jar. Leo turned his head away as soon as he smelled it. I knew it is a sharp smell but realized it could be more sharp if you smell it for the first time. Anyway, he came back for smelling again and I think enjoyed it in a way. I could only use the word sharp for describing it and couldn’t come up with another word :/

After all four jars, he wanted to concentrate on an open and close activity on the peppermint jar.

He opened the lid, smelled and closed it many times, while licking the cinnamon stick that he was holding in his hand throughout the whole activity : )

I let him taste them before finishing the activity. I thought it would be good to try them once. We buy our coffee decaf, so I didn’t have to worry about the caffeine. He liked eating the coffee and wanted some more. I made coffee milkshake for him as quickly as possible to avoid frustration because I didn’t let him eat the whole coffee in the jar: )

Watching my boy during this unique activity was great fun. Even I experienced a lot while giving quality time on smelling those very common odours.

I also want to mention about our new friend too. A pigeon has been visiting our kitchen balcony every morning for 3 days. I give it some bread crumbs and crackers. It comes everyday while we’re having breakfast with Leo and that makes both of us very happy. Leo eats better while watching the pigeon eat and I am almost going to bribe the bird for regular visits : ) Here is the picture that I could take without scaring the messy friend


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