Musical Instruments and Movement Activities

I finally put Leo’s musical instruments together. He’s been playing some of them for a while but they were together within our toys. I bought some new instruments and seperated them from toys so that we can use them exclusively. We have a xylaphone, a flute, bells, maracas, a rainbow maker, a harmonica and a simple shaker.

We have a kids songs cd that we listen to everyday. It’s a compilation cd and has both children’s songs like Wheels on the bus and some classic dance songs. Leo’s favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, This Old Man and La Bamba. He has his own style of dancing. He holds my hands while I’m sitting on the floor and he’s standing. He moves his body back and forth without moving his feet : ) It’s more like a vertical pushup. His second move is crouching and standing repeatedly.

I couldn’t take pictures of those great moves because he doesn’t let my hands go while dancing (!)

Now during our music hour, we take our instruments out, play some and then get to moving.

It was a very cold day here but that couldn’t hold me back from running to the shopping mall. Because the big winter sale that I had been waiting started today. Zara and Mothercare were my priorities. Sadly I couldn’t have a chance to check out other brands because the register lines took some serious time. I could only buy a sweater, a pullover and some ELC paint brushes for Leo. Nothing for poor mommy today. But tomorrow Leo will stay with his dad and I’ll do my shopping hopefully. I took a picture to show my mom how cold it is in this town.


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