Cultural exchange for a 2 year old



I’ve been following an American mom’s blog  (Melissa from Chasing Cheerios) for a while. She writes about their cultural activities occasionally.  She has this brilliant idea of sharing cultures. She finds international moms from all over the world via her blog and they exchange packages about their cultures. She  posts pictures of the packages she receives and activities about introducing different cultures to her children. I don’t know how she manages to find extra time for all these things with 2 children! plus she is homeschooling them!

One day I saw on her blog that she needed more international participants because she was expanding this activity for all her followers. I just mailed her to participate in one of those groups. And she mailed me the details about our group friends in less than a week!  There are 4 different countries (4 moms  and 4 kids) in a group. Our friends are from England, Singapore and Usa. We started mailing each other and decided on a deadline to send our packages. Then the challenge started for me: collecting cultural stuff that would both entertain young children and  give clues about the Turkish culture. And in the end I came up with these:

Turkish Stamps


Turkish Flag themed balloons and stickers

Coloring pages of Turkish flag and Peppe (famous Turkish cartoon character)

Turkish map

Leaflets and brochures of Turkey

Turkish children’s songs cd


Turkish money

Seashells collected from the Mediterranean beach

Nazar beads bracelet and stickers

Turkish delight

Toybox ( a gum and a toy together in a box, it’s a  Turkish classic)

Powdered Salep ( A  hot drink prepared with milk )

A picture booklet about Turkish cuisine

Peppee cleaning towel for kids

All our friends received their packages. We received our packages as well. They are so great and we loved every thoughtful piece in them. I’ll share all as soon as I can :)

Here are some photos from the packages we’ve sent

Some pictures from the booklet


One thought on “Cultural exchange for a 2 year old

  1. Bu güzel organizasyondan birkaç hafta önce haberim oldu, biz de oğlumla katılacağız en kısa zamanda. Yolladıklarınız bizim için güzel bir örnek oldu, teşekkürler paylaşım için :) Size gelenleri görmeyi de sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum. Sevgiler…

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