10 Fun Travel Activities for Kids on the Go

I’d like to share all the activities that we do during our long car trips.
If you also take long trips with your kids, either by plane or by car, you know that you should be prepared! So take a look at my list below and start trying a few of them the next time you travel. You’ll see the activities keep you both happily entertained during the long hours in the car / plane.

1 – Drawing on a Magnetic Writing Board

These boards are my all time favorites on the go. Kids can draw on and on, cleaning easily and spending a fun time.


2 – Looking at an I-spy bottle or an i-spy bag

I made this one using pasta and tiny toys. It also has a photo of all the toys inside. Kids love looking for tiny toys.


3 – Stringing beads


4 – Exploring a Busy wallet


Fill an old wallet with expired money cards, pictures and brochures, it is one of the best things that kids like to explore.
I used body parts picture cards and some old visas this time.

5 – Playing with Felt Boards

You can either buy them, or make your own, just like I did. My previous links for the felt boards are here and here



6 – Drawing with crayons and sticking stickers on a hardcover notebook


7 – Playing with an Open/Close Station

I had the idea from here .


8 – Putting buttons in a piggybank or doing it with a box and coffee stirrers


The link about how to make the second picture is here

9 – Playing with Play Dough


The link to my favorite homemade playdough recipe is here

10 – Reading Books
Books, lots of books :) especially the ones with open/close windows or magnetic pieces.




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